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BUT FASHION SOLUTIONS SA, hereinafter simply referred to as BUT, preserve and values highly the relationship with its customers, associates, system users and other business partners, hereinafter also defined as users or PARTNERS, respecting above all their legal terms.

All personal information collected from them is for the exclusive benefit of the commercial relationship between the parts.

Our privacy policy describes the personal information that we may collect, the purposes of such collection, how we use the information, and when we may share it with third parts. The policy also describes the user's choices about how to collect, use and disclose your personal information. BUT only collects, uses or discloses your personal information, where provided voluntarily, and in accordance with this Policy.

By using our websites, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Policy. If our Policy changes in the future, we will notify our PARTNERS, customers and users of the websites of any changes, through the best possible electronic or physical communication, by placing an updated policy on our websites and other communications, whenever possible.

Following the placement of these changes, the continued use of the website by the user or PARTNER represents the acceptance of these changes and the link to them.

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will note any changes to it on our website as well as through a communication to the indicated means of contact. Continued use of our website, applications, services and features offered after such communication will have value, and will be deemed as, your agreement to such changes. The user or PARTNER is responsible for regularly consulting this Policy and its amendments.

Our Privacy Policy

1. What kind of information can we collect on our systems and websites?

We may collect personal information when the user or PARTNER saves or otherwise provides us with personal information when he or she communicates with us by telephone, email, or otherwise, and also completes a contest entry form, loyalty card, promotion or study, either online or physically in one of our stores in Portugal or other countries, or with any of our PARTNERS, agents, representatives or sellers.

The user or PARTNER can always provide us in his / her own discretion and will: personal information, such as his name, date of birth, email, address and phone numbers, information on product preferences and financial information and, in certain cases, their individual opinions and preferences.

Our current websites are WWW.CUBANAS.COM, WWW.MADEIN-SHOPS.COM, WWW.BUTFASHION.COM, which may not be limited in the future and this unique list. These sites, like other BUT systems, are aimed at adults. We do not knowingly collect personal information from minors. As legal guardian, do not allow your children / children to send personal information without your permission. Therefore, anyone who is of legal age not classified as an adult can not and should not use our systems and websites as we do not collect information from minors.

For what purposes do we collect information?

a) Submissions: we may use the information provided by users or PARTNERS for shipments of goods, products, materials, promotion information, business opportunities, among other types of documents, goods, materials or products related to the business relationships we have.

b) Research: to know the preferences and possible needs of users and PARTNERS, including but not limited to carrying out marketing and performance surveys to help us analyze our customer service, evaluate our performance and improve our shopping experiences and product offerings.

c) Opportunities: Through the information provided by users and PARTNERS, we can offer opportunities to purchase, sell, trade and negotiate products, merchandise and services related to our business and our areas of operation, including but not limited to campaigns marketing, loyalty programs, punctuation, advertising and promotional campaigns, as well as various partners.

Important: always respecting the privacy and the legislation, at any time the user or PARTNER, can choose not to continue receiving this type of information and not continue to be part of our database of businesses, through one of our channels, below.

2. Does BUT share the information of PARTNERS with third parties?

Yes. Eventually, always from the needs of the business, we may share your personal information with trusted third parties who help us manage our site, providing services to our clients, so that they can communicate properly and with due comfort, with the user or PARTNER (by e-mail, mail or otherwise) and to provide you with any additional materials and information on goods, products, services, contests, promotions and special opportunities that may be of interest, or collecting and using these information and for other purposes contemplated in this Policy.

BUT does not sell or share any information of Customers, Users and PARTNERS, except as permitted by law or to any BUT affiliate or related. However, in the event of the sale of all or a substantial part of our business or other similar transaction, we may transfer or disclose personal information to a buyer or potential buyer who may collect, use and disclose such information for the purpose of evaluating the proposed transaction or conduct and manage the business activities acquired, or for other purposes identified in this Policy.

Eventually, always considering the business needs, we may transfer personal information to unaffiliated third parts for processing, but always under the agreements that prohibit these third parts from using or disclosing personal information, excluding the need for processing and appropriate security measures the sensitivity of information.

Whenever necessary, BUT reserves the right to disclose the personal information of the user or PARTNER, as required by law, in response to requests for legal process and law enforcement, and to the extent necessary to protect ownership, interests and rights of BUT itself and its affiliates and business PARTNERS.

Our sites and systems may contain links to third part websites and these websites may collect personal information from you or PARTNER. Therefore, it is important to consider that this Policy does not apply to the practices of third parts and BUT does not assume any responsibility, if by using our website and / or accessing a website of a third part from our website, the user or PARTNER completely releases BUT from any responsibility for the actions, practices and also for the eventual omissions of third parts. BUT strongly recommends that the user consult the privacy policy of each website that visits, whether this is a normal visit, is a visit through an information transport link or a transfer of processing.

3. How can the user or PARTNER choose and decide on the reception of communications?

BUT wants to communicate with its users and PARTNERS, only and only if they so wish for their free, spontaneous and sovereign will. At any time, the user or PARTNER can choose not to receive our communications or else, you can even decide that BUT no longer uses your personal information. In this case, we are grateful that the user or PARTNER notifies us via rgpd@butfashion.com, and any such request may take up to 2 (two) weeks to process, during which time the user or PARTNER , you may continue to receive communications from us.

4. What are cookies and how does BUT use cookies on your sites and systems?

Cookies are small data files transferred from websites to your computer's hard drive, tablet, mobile phone, or other user's or PARTNER's hardware.

These files keep track of user preferences or PARTNER by improving your subsequent visits to BUT websites, making them more dynamic.

Cookies can store a variety of information, including the number of times a website is accessed, registration information, and the number of times a particular page or other item is displayed on the website. Since a cookie by itself does not personally identify any user / visitor.

The use of cookies is a common practice adopted by most websites as a way to better serve their customers and most browser programs are designed to accept cookies but can be easily changed to block cookies; the user or PARTNER should consult the help files of your browser to learn how to block cookies, know when to receive cookies, and disable cookies altogether. However, without cookies some of the functions of the website are not available, and you lose some of the benefits of the website.

BUT may at its discretion use cookies to determine user preferences and activities on its websites.

5. How can you or your PARTNER access or change your personal information, withdraw consent, or raise questions or complaints regarding this Policy and BUT's privacy practices?

BUT always makes sure that the information it collects physically, personally or through its sites, systems, affiliates, agents and associates, is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the practical purposes for which it is to be used.

The user or PARTNER has the right to request access, correction and deletion of the personal information we collect whenever he so desires. In order to make this request, or if you wish to put any questions or complaints regarding this Policy, you should contact our Privacy Officer by writing to:

Customer Service - RGPD

NIF: 503906140


If you or the PARTNER has consented to the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal information identified herein, you may also withdraw your consent at any time by contacting our privacy officer above.

It is already reported that the user or PARTNER has the right to submit a complaint to the competent data protection authority. In Portugal, this authority is the National Data Protection Commission ("CNPD"). More information on the CNPD can be obtained through the website www.cnpd.pt

6. How long are the collected personal information stored?

BUT reserves the right not to use any information, or to use them at its discretion and always respecting the purposes for which it is proposed. In this regard, we maintain personal information only and only for the time required for the purposes described in this Policy or for a longer period of time than may be required by applicable law.

7. How does BUT proceed with the security of personal information collected?

Through its technical team, BUT has developed and adopted appropriate measures and safeguards to ensure the confidentiality of personal information and to safeguard this information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or alteration, taking into account, among other things, the sensitivity of the information and the effects for which it will be used. In addition, each BUT officer, agent or agent must comply with this Policy.

8. In addition to the above email address, how can you or your PARTNER contact BUT for any clarifications, information or requests?

Yes. Also, at any time, in the legal terms in force, the user or PARTNER can request the consultation of their data, changes, corrections or even the prompt deletion of the database of BUT, at the address below.

BUT, at its discretion and in order to protect itself, as well as safeguard the interests of the users or PARTNERS, request more data and information regarding the requests that they receive, either electronically, in person or physically.


A/C Apoio Cliente – RGPD


Apartado 212

2384-909 Alcanena – Portugal

NIF: 503906140